Welcome to Chester Fields.

This space was created by Presentation House Gallery to foster an interest in photography for youth, primarily across Vancouver’s North Shore. Through regular entries on relevant artists and resources, the blog is designed to inform youth about photography, and to increase their visual literacy and understanding of cultural identity issues. The blog additionally functions as an interactive place for peer evaluation and encouragement.


Presentation House Gallery is pleased to announce its eighth photo contest to inspire and encourage Metro Vancouver youth in their creativity.

This year, we invite students to think about the photos seen, shared and posted online. With the accessibility of photography, people communicate visually like never before. Overwhelmed by the volume of pictures we take and the ones we are exposed to, photos we upload are quickly lost in our feeds. Whether important to us or not, these photos continue to circulate online, appearing in different contexts, sometimes on different webpages with new titles.

But some images are unforgettable. Whether news photographs or creative artworks, these images become conversation-starters, even historical touchstones. Although the photos capture a particular time, they become timeless.

With Snap, we welcome you to start with an image that you’ve posted or shared online. Ask yourself: why does a certain image stand out to you? What does it take to make an image that asserts itself, and doesn’t get swept away in our social media streams? With your chosen digital image as the basis for your inspiration, you are invited to make a new work of photographic art. This might mean manipulating the original photograph, or creating brand new images that respond to it, around a similar theme.

Projects can be digital or made on film. Throughout the program, we challenge you to think about the ways photographs are presented, exchanged, and transformed. And we will explore the processes of producing and displaying photographic artworks.

Selected participants will have an opportunity to show their work at the Presentation House Gallery and in the Chester Fields print publication. Presentation House Gallery, located at 333 Chesterfield Avenue in North Vancouver, is the largest independent, non-profit photography gallery in Canada. We have offered a variety of contemporary and historical photographic and media exhibitions since 1981.

Please feel free to e-mail the Education Coordinator at Presentation House Gallery, Justin Ramsey, with any questions or comments at j.ramsey AT presentationhousegallery DOT org.