Welcome to Chester Fields.

This space was created by Presentation House Gallery to foster an interest in photography for youth, primarily across Vancouver’s North Shore. Through regular entries on relevant artists and resources, the blog is designed to inform youth about photography, and to increase their visual literacy and understanding of contemporary art. The blog additionally functions as an interactive place for peer evaluation and encouragement.


This year, The Polygon Gallery is excited to host its Chester Fields Youth Photography Program for the first time at our new facility. The theme for this year, BRING TO LIGHT, challenges participants to do some digging. Visit your local library or city archives, or talk to older members in your communities. We want you to uncover a fascinating change that’s taken place in your community, and find a creative way to portray your discovery through a work of original photographic art.

The theme ties into our current exhibition, N. Vancouver. As part of N. Vancouver, we asked BC-based artists to create new works of art that responded to the history, landscape, and culture of North Vancouver. Many of these artworks have shed light on obscure or forgotten facts about this area – its past and its present. The information has even surprised Gallery visitors who have lived and worked on the North Shore for years.

This raises the questions: How do we, as photographers, capture change as it happens in our communities? And how do we share information, or tell stories, through photography?

For more information on the program or to get involved, contact j.ramsey@thepolygon.ca.