Here’s a diptych by Rita Leistner, an award- winning Canadian photojournalist. These images were taken as part of The Edward Curtis Project, a unique multimedia work she developed with playwright Marie Clements. The project fuses Leistner’s photographs of Aboriginal communities (from Arizona, New Mexico, Haida Gwaii, Vancouver and the Arctic) with Clements’ tale of a contemporary Métis journalist (Clements is herself Métis-Dene) who travels a century back in time in order to interview Edward Curtis about his controversial photographs of Aboriginal peoples.

Many images in the exhibition are diptychs showing the subject in two diverse styles of dress, from plain clothes to military uniform, to traditional clothing. What effect do these two ‘looks’ have on your perception of the individual pictured?

Master carver Leo Gagnon, member of the Haida First Nation, Haida Gwaii, B.C.

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