Today we’re looking at the growing trend of daily self-portraiture. There are several pretty spectacular youtube videos that animate this process.

Brooklyn Photographer Noah Kalina has my favourite video of the bunch, with a photo taken everyday for nearly 6 years. I like how the background gives you glimpses into his life… people, decor (notice the Andreas Gursky poster on the wall?) He’s nearing 10 years of self-portraits on his website. Check it out.

The kind of commitment needed to do this would make me crazy. I have a hard enough time keeping plants alive. I feel like some unconscious force would sabotage me somehow, like I’d go to bed Friday night and wake up on Sunday in a puddle of drool and not have a photo for Saturday… Anyway…fear not, all Noah’s creative energy is not drained by his everyday project… check out more of his photographs at

Here’s another good one.