Check out these still life photographs by Vancouver artist Evan Lee.  His series of thirty-six images of ginseng roots was captured using a digital scanner. The scanner bed itself is an interesting venue for making images. By isolating, arranging, and capturing inanimate objects, Evan Lee exhibits a narrative open to interpretation. One consideration that comes to mind while viewing his scans of the ginseng roots is it’s common function within Chinese and homeopathic medicine. What do you think of when you look at the ginseng root? Consider collecting and arranging objects as a strategy of cultural investigation. Make the invisible parts of your world visible. Create spontaneous associations and capture your own arrangement of cultural meaning!

Evan Lee, Ginseng Root Study No.1, 2004

Evan Lee, Ginseng Root Study No.5, 2004

Evan Lee, Ginseng Root Study No.11, 2004

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