Photographer Christos Dikeakos explores themes of place, history and memory in his work. His iconic images of Vancouver from the early 1990s looked at how the layering of narrative and time can transform the meanings of particular sites. For his “Bridging” series the artist researched the sites of bridges in and around Vancouver in an effort to unearth their particular histories. From archival sources and collaborative work with First Nation elders, Dikeakos was able to give voice to an alternate reading of space, place and purpose. For your entry you might consider digging through the photographic archives of the Vancouver Public Library to learn more about a particular area of the city and it’s evolution.

Christos Dikeakos, Gigeyt (Patullo Bridge), 1991-1993. C-print, glass with sandblasted text.

Bailey Bros. Studio, Archival image of Vancouver, Corner of Hastings and Granville looking East, 1880s.

Try using Google Maps street view to compare what that intersection looks like today!