The large majority of the Chester Fields entries we receive each season are digital images, and who can blame you? With our e-mail submission process it’s super easy to upload and send. But sometimes doing something a little differently is what gets you noticed! With over 300 expected entries this season, what can you do to set yourself apart? Maybe it’s time you explored film? There are some pretty fun toy cameras available these days, and even the ol’ point-and-shoot can create some stunning images.

Yuliya Mazilova, Me, 2008

Ben Dobson, Cherry Blossom, 2008

Amy Sexton, Fake Fruity Fisheye, 2009

Beau Photo Supplies has a great selection of analogue cameras from Holga and the Lomographic Society. Take 8 images in sequence on one frame with the Oktomat! Or try the fisheye camera for a 180 degree view! Cult Classics like the Holga or the Diana give you saturated colours, blissful blurs and light leaks, amounting to some very happy ‘accidents’ in photo land.

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