Technology has a big influence on art! Through new technology we bring up new ways of thinking and seeing.  Satellite imagery has created new ways of seeing the earth, our countries and cities. Through Google street view we can take virtual walks through neighbourhoods in almost any city in the world! The other day I decided to take a virtual walk through my own neighborhood. On my adventure, I came across a shop where my friend happens to work. I walked from out front of the shop and around to the back alley. When a blurry figure appeared, I realized it was my friend, taking out the garbage! What a strange way to be captured in time! The kinds of technological adventures change the way we see our surroundings, and the way we think about being seen.

Vancouver artist Patrick Cruz captured one such moment in his recent exhibition Forecast Situation. While walking in virtual Vancouver, in-between one place and another, Cruz took a screen capture of what he was seeing. The capture, a photograph taken inside his computer, employed several layers of technological processes: the Google street view camera, the internet, and Cruz’s computer. Cruz took this layering process even further by having the photo manufactured into a fleece blanket! What do the many layers of information within Forecast Situation reveal about the age and culture we live in? Are there some visual clues to the limits of this process of layering?

Patrick Cruz, Forecast Situation, 2011