Mark Iwinski

Mark Iwinski, From "Terrains of Absence" 2006-2007

Throughout 2006 and 2007, artist Mark Iwinski created two collections of photographs  titled “This Was Now” and “Terrains of Absence “. Both sets employ a similar method of the artist holding an  8″ x 10” transparency of a late 19th- early 20th-century photograph in front of it’s corresponding present day location. The archival ghost photos eerily conjure up a scene from the past while pointing to the inevitable change of the urban landscape over time.

Mark Iwinski, From "Terrains of Absence" 2006-2007

Time and space are squeezed together in Iwinski’s images and an alternate past and/or present is shown. We are simultaneously looking through the past as a way of seeing and documenting our recent past.

Mark Iwinski, From "This Was Now" 2006-2007

“Lost architecture, missing artworks, and former old growth forests leave enigmatic traces that reveal themselves to us from the past. These traces mark the intersection between history and change. Architectural fragments, parking lots, tree stumps, and old photographs reveal terrains of absence in our day-to-day cultural and natural environment while vanished artworks are often known to us only through drawings, photographs, or the enigmatic traces left on otherwise blank walls and ceilings. This project began with the desire to investigate these traces as they are found in urban, natural, and cultural settings and endeavor to make them visible.”