Sheng Qi

Sheng Qi’s images for “Memories” are simply composed but speak volumes, in a quiet and restrained way. In each image, the artist holds a small photograph in his left hand. We can see he has no pinky finger. He cut it off in 1989 in what can be seen as an act of solidarity for the massacred protestors in Tian’anmen Square and as an act of defiance against a totalitarian government.

Sheng Qi, Memories (Myself), 2007

He holds small wallet sized images of himself, his family and Mao.

Sheng Qi, Memories (Mother), 2007

Qi is telling us about the memory of pain, personal physical pain as well as the collective trauma of an oppressive state. He is also acting as a witness for an event which some would prefer not to remember.

Sheng Qi, Memories (Mao), 2007