Carlos Garaicoa

Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa uses photographs, pin and thread to create visual maps of places that existed and the (sometimes empty) structures that replace them. Focusing primarily on the changing architecture in his native Havana, Garaicoa chooses building that have fallen into disrepair, or in some cases were never completed, that have been slated for demolition and photographs them before they vanish. Once gone, her reshoots the empty spaces and uses pins inserted into the photograph to trace where the building once stood (or might have stood).

Untitled (L.A.), Carlos Garaicoa, 2004.

Part artistic project, architectural study and archeological excavation, Garaicoa uses architectural photography to contemplate the evolving landscape of his hometown. Specifically, realities and possibilities that are created within, and on, the city.

Untitled, Carlos Garaicoa, 2004.

While the photos used by the artist were not found in an archive, they become archival in nature as time passes, development continues and the sites are revisited by connecting the (non-existent) dots.