Our neighbours at the Café for Contemporary Art on East Esplanade have a new show up, and if you’re familiar with stereotypes of female leads in pulp magazines, chances are you’ll have more than a few déjà-vus. In the main space, a strange feeling of recurrence is inevitable, as the same actress / subject seems to reappear in different guises and roles, making the experience of viewing the photos like walking through a parade of sensationalistic paperbacks, while figuring out a glitch that makes their larger-than-life figures more human. The recurring figure is of Alexandria, the artist’s daughter.

The two have also collaborated for ICON, an installation using a speculative love letter from Frida Kahlo to Leon Trotsky.


On another note, there’s now a new way to get to the Presentation House Gallery from this café! The North Shore Electric Bikeway – a name referencing the influence of the BC Electric Railway on the North Shore -is a partnership between the CAFCA and the PHG, building the country’s first and so far only electric bike-share program. Feel like giving it a try? Well, until May 26th, you can! Any prospective members or curious folk with simply ‘a bike helmet, some photo identification and a deposit can test drive the country’s first electric bike-share at CAFCA’! Read more about it in this cover story on North Shore Outlook.