Already planning on showing up to the opening of the Chester Fields exhibition on May 31st? Well, now there’s a new incentive… We’ll be giving away two Holga cameras – generously donated to Chester Fields by BEAU photo. If you’re interested, make sure to take part in the raffle!


Snapshot of an unlikely history

The Holga camera, invented by T.M. Lee in 1981, was intended to provide an inexpensive and accessible camera for working-class Chinese.

Outside of China, some photographers began using the Holga for its surrealistic and impressionistic depictions of scenes and prized the Holga for its low costs and surprisingly, its light leaks and lack of precision. Part of the Holga’s resilience in the last few decades undoubtedly stems from these traits, giving an organic and vintage quality to the photographs, and a reaction to the growing complexity of digital cameras.


Holga photograph by David Burnett of former vice-president Al Gore during a campaign appearance earned a top prize in a 2001 White House News Photographers’ Association Eyes of History award ceremony.

Here’s a previous Chester Fields post on the ‘happy accidents’ that analogue cameras such as the Holga can offer. An opportunity to let the unpredictability of your technology take over!