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This page presents the works included in Our Image, Your Image, the seventh Chester Fields photo contest exhibition, held from May 30th to June 1st at the Presentation House Gallery.

About the Theme

Participants were invited to think of the relations between photography and the notion of “image” taken in its more abstract sense: as a general impression or idea. Is there a cultural image that you feel strongly about, a first impression or stereotype that you would like to address? Perhaps it’s an image of prejudice, a misrepresentation, or an image that you would like to shape more truthfully?

So much in our culture, locally and across the world, is based on first impressions: images we have of people or things that help us understand them. These impressions can come from photographic images: whether they be old black and white photos, phone pics taken on the fly, or jpegs shared on social media. When we see these photos out of context, how much can we really know where they’re coming from? To what extent do the photos we see reveal their context and the reality of a culture? 

Students taking part in Our Image, Your Image were invited to find a cultural image (understood as a representation, general idea or impression) that they found interesting and wanted to address. They responded to this cultural image with a photographic image, using photo-editing software or a series of photographic works (up to 3) to show how their image of a culture is different.

Many thanks to the teachers, organisations and individuals who supported the Chester Fields educational program this year, and a big thank you to all the youth who sent in work!