For those of you still trying to find the “decisive moment,” the right staging, or the best composition with photographs, you may be happy with what you see in your viewfinder, on your phone, or on the screen.

However, if your work gets selected, it’ll be PRINTED (in the exhibition and/or the print publication)! So that means no “zooming in” for detail! 🙂

Please help us and others experience your work in the best possible way, and send us only hi-res, or high-resolution, images of at least 300 PPI (pixels per inch).

See the difference in resolution below?

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.14.52 PM

This is the kind of difference we want to watch out for (72 ppi is a standard web resolution, but 300 ppi is a standard for printing).

Need a simple demonstration? Here’s a 60 second video on how to change your image resolution in Photoshop. PPI is also known as DPI, or dots per inch.

Looking forward to seeing your work! Please make sure your submissions also follow the other guidelines listed on the Submissions page!!!