SNAP: Making the Digital Image Real Again

Chester Fields 2017

Presentation House Gallery is pleased to present the finalists of Chester Fields 2017. Established in 2008, Chester Fields is a juried photography program that challenges youth to create original works of art around a given theme.

This year, we wanted students to consider the ways that images circulate online. Because of social media and advancing technology, people are able to capture and share high-quality images like never before. But what happens to these images once they’re posted and shared? Who owns them? Can they be appropriated, or ever truly deleted?

In light of these questions, we asked youth from the Lower Mainland to choose an image that they posted on social media, and to create an original work of photographic art in response to it. “Snapping” out of the digital realm and back into the real world, students were encouraged to take ownership of their creative work, and to think about the photograph not as a digital file, but as a material object.

Special thanks and congratulations to the teachers whose involvement has made this year’s Chester Fields Youth Photography Program such a success:

Kory Bogen, Handsworth Secondary School

Cecily Evans, Sentinel Secondary School

Jake Francis, Collingwood School

Sarah Matthews, University Hill Secondary School

Trina Moulin, Byrne Creek Community School

Nathalie Scott-Defosses, Seycove Secondary School

Shannon Van Baalen, Carson Graham Secondary School

And our gratitude to this year’s panel of jurors: Sophie Brodovitch, Kyla Mallett and Farah Nosh.