This year, we want to “snap” out of the digital world for a moment, and into reality.

Our challenge to you is to start with an image you’ve posted and shared online. Pick an image that you connect with – an image that you thought was powerful, or beautiful, or interesting. And then, make a new photographic work that responds to your chosen image. Our goal is to pull that image out of the world of social media – where millions of images are shared, liked, and forgotten every day – and give it new life as an original work of photographic art.

What do we mean by “responding” to your chosen image? This can mean many things. You could try to re-create the image, this time thinking about how big you want it printed, and how you’d like it to be framed; in other words, taking a little jpg and making it an artwork that could be hung in an art gallery.

Or, looking at your chosen image, think of the subjects you were photographing at the time, or the themes you were interested in, and use these as a guiding framework to making a brand new image. Maybe you’ll want to make an image that directly contrasts with the original photo, or manipulate the original photo somehow.

It’s important that you don’t just submit the original Instagram photo. To use a springtime analogy, think of your starting image as a seed, whereas your final work is the flower. We want to see that progression.

You can be as creative as you want. All we ask is that when you submit your work, include a 50-100-word statement about your piece, and a small image of your source of inspiration.

Good luck, artists!