Hello Chester Fields participants.

It’s been a banner year. We had over 100 submissions to the jury. The works were visionary, thoughtful, and fascinating. Tough decisions had to be made by our jurors. Looking at our exhibition space, I estimated there was room for about 25 finalists, but many more than that were deserving of a spot on the wall. Eventually, 28 finalists were chosen. Whether or not your name is on the list below, I hope that you’ll all keep creating amazing images, and that you learned something interesting through working with this year’s theme. Without further ado, our 2018 shortlist is:

Hana Braker

Polly Campbell

Ben Clayton

Griffin Edward

Julia Hauert

Caitlin Hemsley

Khim Hipol

Morris Huang

Alana Kim

Kasha Malinowski

Regan McCort

Alisha Millar

Chloe Nakatsuru

Oliver New

Kayli Koonar

Luca Papini

Claire Pipher

Carolin Schelhas

Jenny Seo

Hermione Shen

Camryn Simkin

Gabriel Simmons

Saoirse Stephan

Vincent Villwock

Ebba Wagman

Anna Wang

Mia Xu

Alice Zeng

Thank you everyone for your incredible work. I hope that you’ll participate in Chester Fields next year. To this year’s finalists: congratulations! We’re getting a tonne of interest from the public about the show. I’ve already booked a tour for people wanting to come see it! We’ll be holding a reception on Saturday, May 26th at 1pm, after which you’re welcome to take your printed works home.