Lights Whinin the Dreams---Ran Wang(Amber)Amber Wang, Lights Within the Dream, 2019

Our jurors Peppa Martin, Ian McGuffie, and Birthe Piontek met yesterday to go through the nearly 200 submissions we received for Chester Fields! It’s been incredible to see so many emerging photographers responding so thoughtfully to a challenging theme. The breadth and quality of the work has been really remarkable, and everyone who submitted should be proud of their artistic accomplishment. The jury was truly impressed.

After over an hour of deliberation, our jurors had about 50 works shortlisted, and if I had the whole gallery at my disposal, I would’ve shown them all. But with the available space in mind, they kept on discussing, and after a lot of careful consideration, they ultimately shortlisted 31 works.

Without further ado, these are our Chester Fields finalists! Congratulations to:

Charlotte Bailey

James Borrill

Anna Bryan

Zach Chard

Yuxuan Deng

Danielle Egilson

Pablo Esquivel

Artem Furman

Donovan Galsco

Giovanna Garbuglia

Anova Hou

Victoria Jackson

Kayli Koonar

Jolin Liu

Abby Lundquist

Christal Lyu

Kate MacLeod

Iris Maes

Grace Merrells

Arthur Na

Jennifer Park

Jason Ross

Gabby Rumsby

Paulo Schalkhammer

Rio Shimada

Nicholas Szeto

Farryn VanHumbeck

Amber Wang

Mia Xu

Asalah Youssef

Alice Zeng