What’s in it for you, if you spend time working towards this contest, you ask?

Well, aside from providing you with a frame to create and enjoy the general benefits of making art, there are many advantages!!!

Firstly, the Chester Fields Contest is an excellent opportunity for you to gain visibility and be part of something larger – with talented artists – by showing your work in a public gallery setting and in a print publication.

The Our Image, Your Image exhibition will take place at the Presentation House Gallery (your work exhibited in the same gallery as Walker Evans, Stan Douglas and other photography luminaries?) between Friday 30 May and Sunday 1 June 2014.  


Youth not accepted for the exhibition may be included in the Chester Fields catalogue publication, as honorary mentions.

There will also be prizes! The grand prize winner will receive $500 and there will be two other prizes of $250. 

Furthermore, any eligible youth who send in work have the opportunity of winning a number of participation prizes (to be confirmed).

The Chester Fields Contest is a fun opportunity for you to build a portfolio, try your hand at photographic techniques and explore the questions of the theme.

Looking forward to seeing what you can create!!!