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This year, we want to “snap” out of the digital world for a moment, and into reality.

Our challenge to you is to start with an image you’ve posted and shared online. Pick an image that you connect with – an image that you thought was powerful, or beautiful, or interesting. And then, make a new photographic work that responds to your chosen image. Our goal is to pull that image out of the world of social media – where millions of images are shared, liked, and forgotten every day – and give it new life as an original work of photographic art.

What do we mean by “responding” to your chosen image? This can mean many things. You could try to re-create the image, this time thinking about how big you want it printed, and how you’d like it to be framed; in other words, taking a little jpg and making it an artwork that could be hung in an art gallery.

Or, looking at your chosen image, think of the subjects you were photographing at the time, or the themes you were interested in, and use these as a guiding framework to making a brand new image. Maybe you’ll want to make an image that directly contrasts with the original photo, or manipulate the original photo somehow.

It’s important that you don’t just submit the original Instagram photo. To use a springtime analogy, think of your starting image as a seed, whereas your final work is the flower. We want to see that progression.

You can be as creative as you want. All we ask is that when you submit your work, include a 50-100-word statement about your piece, and a small image of your source of inspiration.

Good luck, artists!


Thanks to all who made it out to our opening night! The works selected for the seventh Chester Fields exhibition, Our Image, Your Image, came together beautifully, and we had an impressive number of guests of different ages!

Congratulations to our three cash prize winners! These are: Adriana Kowalczyk (3rd prize winner), Celina Wang (2nd prize winner) and Natalie Godwin (grand prize winner). Congratulations also to Lindsay Crampton and Tomoki Takeguchi, recipients of this year’s Director’s Award!

We were lucky to have these very talented students at our gallery!


Photo credit: Rachel Topham Photography. Left to right: Craig Keating (City of North Vancouver Councillor), Natalie Godwin (1st prize winner), Adriana Kowalczyk (3rd prize winner), Lindsay Crampton (Director’s Award recipient), Reid Shier (Presentation House Gallery Director/Curator), Celina Wang (2nd prize winner), Naomi Yamamoto (MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale), Tomoki Takeguchi (Director’s Award recipient).

Thanks to all of you who took part in the contest: those who presented work in the Presentation House Gallery, those whose works feature in the catalogue publication, and all of you who submitted work to the contest.

Here are some more snaps of a beautiful night!





Photo credit: Rachel Topham Photography

Join us today, Sunday June 1, 2014 for a day of FREE art-making and family-friendly tours of our Chester Fields Youth Photography Exhibition. Check out our Facebook page here.

For kids under-10 and their parents. Noon – 5pm. the Presentation House Gallery, 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Van.




Why not head on up to the Presentation House Gallery tomorrow, as we celebrate the talented youth of this year’s contest?

We have loads lined up in what’s bound to be an eventful night!

Come join us from 5:30PM, for the opening of the Our Image, Your Image exhibition, the announcement of our three prize winners (two of $250 and one of $500), a raffle open to this year’s contestants (for two Holga cameras and one Park Royal gift certificate), and of course the launch of the new Chester Fields catalogue publication!

The event is open to all! Please check in on our Facebook event page.


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Come on down to the Presentation House Gallery on Friday, May 30th, to celebrate the talent of local youth and check out their excellent photos!

So much will happen on the opening night! There will be loads to see and do from 5:30PM. In addition to the opening for the Our Image, Your Image exhibition, three prize winners will be announced (two for $250 and one for $500). There will also be a raffle for contestants: for two 35 mm Holga cameras generously donated by Beau Photo, as well as a gift certificate kindly offered by Park Royal, West Vancouver. Any contestant can be eligible to win one of these three prizes, by showing up at the opening and simply marking their name down!

The evening will also mark the launch of the Our Image, Your Image publication, which we are grateful that Hemlock Printers sponsored again this year.

See you next Friday!!!



Many thanks to all of you who sent in work and took part in this seventh edition of the Chester Fields Youth Photo Contest!

We received a surprising amount of sophisticated works this season, and it was an engrossing and challenging task for jury members to select works for the exhibition, the publication and the prizes.

Many thanks are due also to our partnering teachers: John Isernia of Sentinel Secondary, Tatsuzo Taguchi of Rockridge Secondary and Jacquelyn Wong of West Vancouver Secondary, as well as artists Manuel Pina and Sandra Semchuk, who joined yours truly for this season’s jury.

After hours spent deliberating in the Presentation House boardroom, the jury agreed on a list of 14 selections for the exhibition, 4 Honorary Mentions for the publication, and… 3 prize winners! The winners of one $500 prize and two $250 prizes have been selected, and they will be announced on the opening night!

So please come and join us on Friday, May 30th from 5.30PM as we announce the award winners, open the exhibition, launch the Our Image, Your Image publication and of course… celebrate the creativity from local youth that made this project happen!

Exhibition and Publication Selection:















Honorary Mention / Publication Selection:







The deadline for the Chester Fields photo contest is already tomorrow, Wednesday 7 May! Time flies! Wanna take part in the Our Image, Your Image exhibition at the Presentation House Gallery? Now’s your chance! How about all the other benefits from applying? If you haven’t already, make sure you’re eligible and follow the submission guidelines outlined here.

Ctrl by Stuart Harvey, last year's $250 Prize Winner

Ctrl by Stuart Harvey, last year’s $250 Prize Winner

Maybe checking out these other youth works from last year’s contest exhibition, To Here from Home, will inspire you…



Thank you to all those who’ve been diligent in sending their photos early for the contest!

For the others, well, there’s definitely still time. Show us how your perspective is different through photography! How do your photographic images stand out from other images around you? Be sure to follow our criteria for submissions and send us the work by Wednesday 7 May!!!

Exciting developments are under way for the Presentation House Gallery! Check out our new website, with plans for our new home.

Alia Youssef, Chester Fields superstar, posing by her winning entry to last year's contest

Alia Youssef, Chester Fields superstar, with her triptych from last year’s exhibition



For those of you still trying to find the “decisive moment,” the right staging, or the best composition with photographs, you may be happy with what you see in your viewfinder, on your phone, or on the screen.

However, if your work gets selected, it’ll be PRINTED (in the exhibition and/or the print publication)! So that means no “zooming in” for detail! 🙂

Please help us and others experience your work in the best possible way, and send us only hi-res, or high-resolution, images of at least 300 PPI (pixels per inch).

See the difference in resolution below?

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.14.52 PM

This is the kind of difference we want to watch out for (72 ppi is a standard web resolution, but 300 ppi is a standard for printing).

Need a simple demonstration? Here’s a 60 second video on how to change your image resolution in Photoshop. PPI is also known as DPI, or dots per inch.

Looking forward to seeing your work! Please make sure your submissions also follow the other guidelines listed on the Submissions page!!!



In this series, House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, the American artist Martha Rolser contrasts images of American domestic bliss with images of war, playing with general impressions or ideas fed by the media.


Rosler was specifically interested in how reporting on the war in Vietnam in the 60s and 70s was experienced by the American public through television, often in relatively safe contexts in their living room. This series of photomontages attempted to ‘bring the war home’ to make people in the US realise how implicated they were in the war taking place on the other side of the planet. Rosler foregrounds the false division between “us” and “them,” between “here” and “there” and points towards how this separation is an illusion that the American public were politically and emotionally invested to maintain.


The cutting and pasting of various images in each work serves to make these overlooked relations more apparent. Many of the figures and backgrounds you see here are taken from Life and other mainstream American magazines. The cutouts were reassembled then rephotographed, thereby reconnecting the war in Vietnam and the American home, two extremes of violence and comfort.

Rosler actually reprised the style and theme of this series by creating a kind of sequel, 30 years later, when the US led the war in Iraq.


While addressing the same tensions, with these new photomontages, Rosler is also drawing attention to stereotypical and outdated ways of viewing women’s place within the home and domestic space. So while Rosler is responding to “images” of the war as distant and disconnected from American homes, she’s also responding to stereotypical “images” of women and their roles within these homes.


Martha Rosler is an American artist born in 1943 and currently based in Brooklyn. Her work deals with separations between public and private spheres, exploring issues from everyday life, the media and architecture. Check out more of her work on her personal website.