Sometimes trying to find something specific can be a little tricky, here is our step-by-step guiding for searching within the North Vancouver Museum and Archives Collection:

The first step is accessing the database, click “on-line database” to get started:

Let’s start by searching a term that will give us lots of results: “bridge”

Make sure you select Media Type: “Photograph”

Any results that show up with a little camera icon, means the image can be viewed online (if you find a result you’d like to view without the camera icon you’ll have to swing by the archive to view it in person, Tuesday-Saturday 12-5pm)

Select the entry to view. Here I’ve opened the very last entry on the page “Lions Gate Bridge negatives item 1156”

You can save images as you’re searching by selecting the empty box next to the image name on the right-hand side

If you look closely next to the search engine, you can see I’ve saved 11 images so far in my “Current List”

You can also save your list(s) so you can come back and work on them later – I’ve named mine “Lion’s Gate”

Once saved you can view all the entries in your list in an easy format, including the images.

When you select “View List” a new window will open with all of your saved entries.

Select the empty box next to all the entries in your list and press “Go!” next to “Public detailed display”

A third window should open that looks like this:

Now you can easily scroll through and compare your saved image entries.

Hopefully these tools will make your search successful and a lot more fun!

(If you’re having trouble with any of these steps or just have some questions,

don’t hesitate to leave a comment below so we can try to help!)