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A huge thank you for all of you who sent in work and took part in this sixth edition of the Chester Fields Contest!

It was an exciting but difficult task for jury members to select works for the exhibition, the publication and the prizes. A lot of you sent in sophisticated, beautiful and engaging works, giving us personal spins on the theme of cultural identity that we never expected. Kudos!

After hours spent deliberating in the dark Presentation House boardroom, our jury agreed on a list of 14 selections for the exhibition, 6 honorary mentions for the publication, and… 3 prize winners!

Yes, the winners of one $500 prize and two $250 prizes have been selected, but without wanting to add to the suspense of the last few weeks, we’ll only announce their names on the opening night!

So please come and join us on Friday, May 31st from 6pm as we announce the award winners, open the exhibition, launch the To Here from Home publication and of course… celebrate the incredible talent and creativity that made this project happen!


Exhibition and Publication Selection:

Alia Youssef

Annika Ng

Azi Ebrahimi

Heather Rehtlane

Jake Swift

Julia Woldmo

Katie Rich

Michel Bujnicki Zablith

Olivia Chaber

Philipp Wölfel

Rudi Ballard

Saba Modonhaghighi

Stuart Harvey

Wyatt Scholten


Honorary mention / Publication Selection:

Adam Flewelling

Bronwyn Collett

Frédérique Lafontaine

Graydon Kohne

Hannah Dubois

Melissa Carsky

If you’re currently eligible for the Chester Fields contest, and I didn’t get a chance to visit your school, maybe you’re wondering exactly how you’re going to go about sending works for the contest … Maybe you wanna know more about how this contest could benefit you … Maybe you need feedback on the start of a project that inspires you, but you don’t know how to finish …

Well, there’s still time to get support and finish a solid project!!! First off, all the basic info you need to start is available on this page. And if you’re still unsure about your photographic project being eligible or if you want feedback, send me an email at:

Here’s a video to wax nostalgic or give you a quick glance of the exhibition last year, and the artistic process behind a winning entry.